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Аrt glass

Аrt glass
Аrt glass
Glass is a versatile material not only to protect the home and create comfort. It is widely used also for other purposes - for example, to create beautiful and original jewelry for home or jewelry. This type of glass is called "art", and it has a rich history.

History of art glass

It should be noted that initially the glass just used only for decoration and decorations. It was too rare and expensive material, the manufacturing technology of which was kept in the strictest confidence. Therefore, only very rich people could afford to wear beads or earrings made of glass.

The first workshops for the production of art glass appeared in the days of Kievan Rus. Masters made beads, bracelets and rings, as well as smalt for mosaics.

After some time, I managed to learn from the best European experts, for example, our masters learned how to make engraving and curved technique.

Making modern art glass

Аrt glass
Аrt glass
Today art glass is very rarely made by hand - most often it is produced in industrial quantities.

Modern decorative glass is used for the manufacture of such blanks:

• smalt, which is used for mosaics;
• beads and glass beads from which weaving bracelets, embroidery pictures;
• rhinestones that serve to decorate clothes;
• glazes and enamels.

Art glass, before it turns out to be a finished jewelry on your neck or on a piece of clothing, goes a long and difficult way.

The first stage is glass melting. It usually passes in the same way as ordinary glass is boiled, but various additional components are additionally used to give the glass individual characteristics: color, haze, refraction, etc.

The next stage is the blowing and shaping of glass. Blowing out viscous mass creates balls, vases and glasses, as well as other elements that have a round shape.

Аrt glass
Аrt glass
For blowing round products using a special tool - glass-blowing tube. It is a tube lined with wood, with a brass mouthpiece. A glassblower gains a little glass mass with it and blows out a product of the desired size and shape. The finished workpiece is cut with metal scissors.

It should be noted that the profession of glassblower is very ancient, but also physically difficult. Only strong people with healthy lungs are suitable for it.

The next stage of creating art glass products is molding. For an LLP, to apply patterns or emboss, use a special device similar to tweezers. After shaping the product is sent to the kiln. The clipping point of the ball, vase or other product from the tube is then leveled by grinding.

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