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Decorating glass film

Decorating glass film
Decorating glass film
The film is a polyester material that is non-toxic, completely safe and meets all quality standards.

Selection of film for glass decoration

Film coating is selected in accordance with the objectives put forward:

• tinting has a feature to prevent the ingress of sunlight;
• matting, reducing visibility;
• mirror, creating the effect of one-sided visibility;
• artistic or decorative, which are used when you want to eliminate glare, decorate furniture accessories or create a unique interior in the room.

The most budgetary and practical option to give the product originality is decorating the glass film. This is a universal way that will look great in the modern interior of the apartment, as well as the strict official office space. Produce material with varying degrees of transparency, in a wide range of colors, with drawings and patterns. In addition, a special stained glass film is produced, allowing you to create painted windows and partitions.

It does not matter the density and color of the coating, it will not block the ingress of sunlight, contributing to natural lighting. The structure of the material is a combination of a multilayer film on a special adhesive base that allows you to simply apply to the glass without much difficulty.

Production of glass decoration film

At production of a decorative film one of five kinds of plastic is used:
Decorating glass film
Decorating glass film

• polyester, characterized by a high coefficient of transparency and good quality;
• polyolefin;
• polypropylene, which has a low price, but at the same time is characterized by excellent optical transparency;
• polyvinyl chloride;
• polycarbonate.

Characteristics of the film for glass decoration

There is also a decorative film with a glossy surface. It contributes to minimal reflection and has many advantages, which mainly relate to its resistance to:

• wear and tear;
• chemical damage;
• fading;
• mechanical damage.
Decorating glass with PVC film allows you to tolerate atmospheric exposure, active sunlight and temperature changes.

Decorating glass film
Decorating glass film
Regardless of which film covers the surface, it acquires a number of additional features:

• protection against chipping and cracking;
• heat saving;
• refractoriness;
• soundproofing;
• increased durability at blows and mechanical damages.

Thus, in addition to decorating and artistic effect, this type of glass processing also has a positive effect on the protective functions, light transmission properties and transparency. They are often used as a counterpart to expensive decorating operations that require additional equipment and specialized equipment.

Decorating glass with film is a practical option not only for the owners of the premises, but also for young designers, who absorb all the modern trends in their work and are looking for universal ways to design glassware.

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