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Features Of Wardrobe Glass Doors

 There are several features that distinguish the wardrobe partition from interior and other doors: • loose closing;
• decorative function;
• aesthetic value;
• design execution.
The main difference between glass wardrobe partitions and the usual doors is the lack of tightness and tight fit. It is rather a plus for clothes storage, since air circulation is preserved, thus avoiding stagnant smell and the appearance of moths.

The function that glass doors perform for a dressing room is decorative rather than practical. Such premises are often not locked and used by all family members. The door is needed to separate the rows of clothing from the living space, but at the same time provide easy access at any time.
The glass partition should fit into the interior and match the wall. It is better for the door is inconspicuous. Strictly speaking, the wardrobe is not a separate room, but an addition to the bedroom or living room. That is why when choosing wardrobe doors preference is given to glass or mirrors.

Since the practical use of the door is secondary, special attention should be paid to appearance. Selection of the design totally depends on your own sense of style.
Modern market of wardrobe partitions offers many options of materials - a combination of steel and wood, blind shutters, mirrors and so on. And yet many owners prefer glass. It is as usual, similar to the window, and matte or stained finish. Giovani Glass can offer high-tech glass cloths with high stability characteristics, we will be happy to please your aesthetic preferences.

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