tempered glass

Create a unique design with a glass staircase.

Stairs play an important role in the interior design of two-storey penthouses, cottages, country houses, offices.  Depending on the chosen overall style stairs may be wooden, metal, but following the current trends in architecture more and more customers of Giovani Glass choose glass stairs. Stairs made of glass do not clutter the room, create the effect of lightness, transparency of the entire interior, perfectly transmit light and therefore visually expand the space.

In addition to aesthetic beauty, glass staircases superbly cope with their standard features. Indeed, despite their apparent airiness, they meet all standards of reliability. Modern material processing technologies make the designs really reliable and safe.
Our experts will take into account all your suggestions and desires and make magnificent glass stairs that will be the decoration and pride of any room. They will personify success, prestige, wealth and bring a sense of peculiar charm.
Trust us and your dream of a translucent construction will become a reality. Glass stairs bring a sense of prestige and beauty to any interior. Even our standard projects (be sure to check out the photos of our works in the portfolio), partially implemented in similar designs, have a peculiar originality. We use elements that are in perfect harmony with the design and interior of the room.

The light and airy staircase is the result of truly titanic work, it is a very effective and expensive interior decoration. Such beauty requires not only significant expenses, but also extraordinary courage in arranging personal space.

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