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Six Major Reasons to Use Tempered Glass Panels

Ordinary glass is not durable enough to withstand the pressure of being part of an architectural design. Glass manufacturers developed many ways to innovate their products, one of which is glass tempering. It is a process that toughens glass. Tempered glass panels are much safer for construction purposes because the glass breaks into granular chunks when shattered. It is for this reason tempered glass is favored for installations like glass shower doors, skyscraper exteriors, and storefront windows. This article outlines the benefits of tempered glass panels, regarding safety and more.

Safety is key. Tempered glass poses significantly less harm to people; that means safer employees in a work setting and families in a home setting. Tempered glass panels are less likely to break because they have been strengthened during the tempering process. In the case of breakage, the glass splinters into round chunks instead of jagged shards. The round glass chunks are much less likely to cause harm to a person in proximity to the accident.

Outdoor visibility. Since glass is transparent, you will be able to appreciate your outdoor view often. This is very fitting for buildings or houses that are situated in amazing sites – seaside or mountaintop. Outdoor visibility also promotes awareness, thus safety. When you see what is going on outside your house, you can react quickly.

Tough and durable. Tempered glass does not break easily when it is hit or banged. It can withstand a degree of force and pressure, as well as different kinds of environmental factors. All Team Tempered Glass. manufacture tempered glass panels that abide by Canadian general standards board specifications, because when it comes to safety there is no room for error.

Resistant to heat. Safety glass is heated at high temperatures during the tempering process. This treatment toughens the glass and also makes it heat resistant. You can test this by putting the glass over a flame. Laboratories prefer to use tempered glass over other kinds of glass or materials for this reason.

Easy to clean up. Tempered glass panels are simple to clean and maintain. If a mess occurs, all one needs to do is wipe the surface down with a damp cloth. Tempered glass is not high-maintenance. Also, if accidental breakage occurs, you do not have to tip toe around tiny shards. Tempered glass panels are designed to break into round, even chunks.

Timeless Elegance. Glass is simply elegant. It adds a touch of class to any room and has a modern aesthetic.  Windows, furniture, stairs or wall fixtures made of tempered glass panels are a stylish yet unobtrusive addition to any space.

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