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Toughened/ Tempered Glass

Toughened glass provides the utmost in classic, modern style, as well as impressive longevity. Tempered Glass has a wealth of experience in creating toughened glass, obtained from over 50 years in the industry, making us the premier choice for reliable glass fit-outs.

Toughened glass and tempered glass refer to the same product; in order to create toughened glass, regular glass is tempered using thermal or chemical methods in order to increase its strength, resilience and ability to withstand heat.

Toughened glass is at least five times as strong as normal glass, and requires a huge amount of force to break. If this does happen, the glass has been treated in such a way that it will break into small, blunt pieces, making it much safer than the dangerous shards of regular glass.

This extra strength means that it’s perfect for a variety of uses around a property, including bespoke kitchen splashbacks, worktops, shower screens and table tops, as well as safety glass solutions when reliability is paramount, such as glass balustrades or shop fronts.

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