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Tempered glass in the home interior

Tempered glass in the home interior

May 22, 2018
In the architecture and interior design of the premises are often used different designs of glass. The use of all-glass design requires increased security measures, since glass can damage others when destroyed. For safe application of glass in interior and architecture, glass is tempered.

Tempered glass is a glass, which is subjected to special thermal or chemical treatment. Due to this, the tempered glass acquires the following differences and advantages compared to ordinary glass:
  • increase bending strength and impact 5-7 times;
  • increase in thermal stability and stability to a difference increase in the heat resistance and durability to temperature transitions 2,5-3 times;
  • resistance to vibration loads;
  • when breaking down, the glass splits into small, safe shards with blunt edges that can not injure a person.
Despite the extra curtain, tempered glass does not lose optical properties of ordinary glass and has a high transmission rate of light. These characteristics allow the use of tempered glass for:
  • glazing of building facades;
  • fencing of stairs and elevator shafts;
  • partitions in office and living quarters;
  • the construction of winter gardens;
  • glass doors, canopies and walls;
  • showcases in shopping and entertainment centers;
  • glass furniture, etc ..
In a safe tempered glass there is one feature, after passing the heat treatment process, such a glass can not be cut, drilled holes and subjected to other methods of treatment. For you, we will make secure tempered products such as: permanent glass designs, doors, shelves, countertops, glass stairs and barriers, showers and more.
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