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Common Uses for Tempered Glass

Common Uses for Tempered Glass

May 15, 2018

Tempered glass is a one of the various types of safety glass present on the market and its use is to avoid potential danger when it breaks. The glass is passed from a thermal process that makes it heat resistant and adds more durability to the glass. Therefore, it's also called safety glass. This type of safety glass is used in many different areas of our lives. Here are 5 common uses for tempered glass:

1. Automotive Glass

Broken glass shards are a very serious health hazard and can even lead to death. Tempered glass is most commonly used in car windshields because of its special property of breaking into small, non-lethal pieces. With the high rate of traffic accidents happening each day, making use of tempered glass has led to fewer traffic fatalities. The introduction of tempered glass in automobiles was a turning point in safeguarding human life.

2. Monitor Screens

Another use of tempered glass is in computer monitors and laptop screens. Using safety glass in monitor screens is a very good idea. Another feature of safety glass, apart from durability, is that it is scratch free. Many mobile companies use tempered glass in mobile phones to make the product durable and scratch free.

3. Construction

There are many laws and regulations when it comes to the use of glass, and many a times local laws prohibit the use of standard glass. Contractors have to make use of tempered glass. Safety glass can and is used practically everywhere in the house.

4. Home Appliances

When you need heat resistance and durability, tempered glass is used. Perhaps the most common appliance that uses tempered glass is the microwave oven. A microwave oven has to be able to sustain great amounts of heat. It's also used in the traditional baking oven because like a microwave oven, it needs to keep up with high amounts of temperature.

5. Commercial Uses

Tempered glass is used to make phone booths, glass bus stops, escalators, stairways, solar panels and even in some sporting events. Many of these are places that we have regular access to. Therefore, the use of tempered glass is only limited by the creativity of the human mind.

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