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What is safety laminated glass

What is safety laminated glass?

March 15, 2017

By layering together many different pieces of glass and the bonding agent polyvinyl butyral, glass is made thicker and stronger to outside forces. In houses and car windows, the glass is harder to break by impact, preventing burglary and forced entry through the use of glass surfaces, as well as increasing noise reduction from outside noises such as freeways or nightlife. This is a need of the hour and people who live in a place where there is lots of noise, this comes in very handy, with a city like new york this is a must if you are in a busy area.
Laminated glass has a higher breaking point in the event of natural disasters, withstanding the pressure that would cause normal glass to break and make dangerous fragments. safety laminated glass from Giovani Glass is great and you can buy it from us here in New York.

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Laminated glass can also protect against ultraviolet rays that can damage skin, wood and furniture within the house by filtering out the light. Laminated glass is applied, cleaned and used just like regular glass, but provides more protection and security thanks to its increased strange and inability to be fully shattered.
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